Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Looking forward...

OI! i'm so bored. and a bit depressed. i'm supposed to do my work (as usual..) but i'm too occupied with main-main! :( Right now, all i have in my head is.... emo indonesian songs playing over and over and over again... and Pride and Prejudice's Mr Darcy playing in my mind.. tall, quiet, misunderstood, good-looking, smart and compassionate Mr Darcy... OMG! i think i'm in love with him.. :( too bad he's nothing but a literature character... i wish i could be in love the way lizzie bennet did in the movie story... i think i'm very scared 'cos i'm on the verge of not feeling that feeling anymore... OH! takut!!! lol... yes, adeline... i feel very not normal... and very scared! :D hee hee hee.. o well, better get back to la la many fish there in the sea... now another song.. is playing in my head! dang!!

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