Saturday, November 08, 2008

No More Frustration Please. No More Saddening Surprises..

I hate hoping. Although my name means 'hope' in some foreign language I couldn't care much about, I seriously hate hoping. I may be a very playful person, but I am realistic. I hate it when someone lingers me with something I would want so badly, just to know that in the end, I am not going to get it. It hurts to feel that way. At times it makes me feel like I never get that thing that I really want. I know that I'd feel very selfishly dumb afterwards, but yeah... please la. It's hurtful.
Someone kinda promised me something that I know the probability of obtaining it is only 50% chance only. But when I get to think too much about it, and when people keep on bugging me over it, it'd make me want it even more, wouldn't it? :( now that I'm feeling kinda discouraged about it, I guess it's time for me to just let it go. hmpht.. bye bye hopes. I'll find something else to comfort me or divert me away from thinking about you... AH! I wish I could go! :( Why did you have to lift my prospects high? grrr.... hmpth!


(_.·´¯`·×» CANDYFLING said...

there is a blessing if you hope right?? or I must have read wrongly??


I can't tell.. I can't tell yet.. these things are so far off now, it is just too hard to tell..macam bagus I just forget about it and snatch the next thing that could divert my mind of the probable frustration... better that way, right?