Thursday, November 06, 2008

I couldn't make things out. It's really hard to do in this mode. I'm awfully tired over nothing at all.. I'm looking around in the library right now, trying to restrain myself from yawning... looking at dedek, about a yard away from me... hearing the person next to me typing... and just staring at the blank white space in front of me.. o... there is a window there.. hot issues yesterday: Obama's win, people all stressing out for exams... and.... there was this other word I've been crossing upon a lot of times already... lol... forgot what it is...
I am supposed to do a posting for e-Marketing and I'd have to finish my part of Macroeconomics' term paper due tomorrow... and here I am... all blank.... :'( TIRED! mok pegi gym kejap pastok... release this unused energy that is making me slowwww.... and emoooooo.... WTF! why am i so emo!?!??!!? hmpht!

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