Monday, November 10, 2008

:D :D :D

I think I'm boy-crazy now... Thanks to Adie!!!! :( lol...
I think Josh is the one!!!!! ahahahahah!!!!!!! huhhhh....... God, if i cannot get the guy I want, can I have Josh instead? *puppydogseyes* Yep, I'm supposed to blaja... but the sight of him makes me WEAK! :D He looks good with a mohawk... he's got such a nice head-shape!!! and he's.... he's... hilarious.... adoi... will i be seeing him in the near future? Will he ever notice plain me?? LOL!

O yeah, this'd be my X-Mas Wishlist!
  1. 'Being Elizabeth Bennet', it's a book Kakak recommended to me... :D
  2. 'Mrs Darcy's Dilemma', a sequel to Pride and Prejudice *winks*
  3. a really nice X-Mas Date!
  4. Family and Friends.. gathering!!!!!
  5. a new pair of Futsal shoes...
  6. dark chocolates... again?!!?!?!??
  7. Watch Love Actually, Gone with the Wind, Little Women, A Little Princess, .... ada gik ka cita lain ku mok tengok...? I'll update number 7 again later... :D with my loved ONES! :)

I think that should be about it for now.... <3

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