Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Please Don't Cry

With every single tears you let out
You got me hurting deep inside
I wish I could announce it to you out loud
But you will never understand, so now I am about...

To leave

I will make sure you will not notice
I will make sure it will not be as painful
As the way you've trampled on my strength
The way you left me way behind

Please don't cry
I'm shutting my eyes
I am leaving this life
Just please don't cry
I don't understand why
I could not watch you mourn
I could not bear your wants
Just please, darling..
Please don't cry

I know right where I'm standing
Was right where we took up
Instantaneously jumping
Into something still unknown

I cannot lie
I am sure of one
That what is left of me is to ...


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